Who Is Candace Slivers?

Candace Silvers is nationally renowned for her work as a human behavioral expert. Over the course of 25 years, she has dedicated herself to the art and science of human behavior, developing insights and understanding into what causes “us”.

Daughter of comedic legend Phil Silvers (7 Emmys and 4 Tonys), she began her journey into the world of human behavior by observing her father. People called him brilliant, but Candace saw the same man on the TV as she did at home with the family. Seeing no separation between “real” and “reel”, she began to notice the patterns in what caused, and when a person wasn’t connected, what was missing.

Candace’s insight has developed with a mathematical precision. Using universal laws to cause her clients to see and understand behavior in an entirely new way. Her work has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to lead more brilliant lives, full of possibility and opportunity.

All these years later, her work has spanned the spectrum of the human condition, from advising in Fortune 500 board rooms, to couples counseling, to helping addicts recover. Throughout she has helped scores of people from all facets of entertainment reach new creative heights. After all, what is acting if not human behavior. Helping actors, writers and directors to bring a new awareness to their work remains one of Candace’s greatest joys and allows her to share the legacy left her by her father with this generation of Hollywood's leading talent.